May 14 to 17 2020
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Our travel diary, in the heart of new mobility solutions

As an inspiration for and to add to inOut 2020, we decided to go out and explore by taking a look at cities that are making mobility solutions happen. Gaining a better understanding of how people get about today and inventing solutions for tomorrow starts by obtaining a broader field of vision as well as by observing what is happening elsewhere.
Every day, everywhere, new services, new models, and new ways of thinking are being invented for travel of the future. It would have been a pity not to share these initiatives as well as our im-pressions and analyses with you. All year long, in articles, reports, interviews, photos, and videos, you can follow our travel diary describing our Tour of Urban Centres. Get on board with us!


From here, the (other) cities that are moving their mobilities

In addition to those we will be exploring, other cities are also involved in and are developing new mobility solutions. We’ve identified them for you.


You too can share with us your experiences, your inspirations, and any initiatives in new mobility solutions you’ve come across in France or abroad. Just mention us on Twitter (@inOut) and use the #inOut_Tour hashtag, indicating the city or region visited and explaining what you discovered there. You’re explorers too!