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Epitech Rennes and Métromix: Opportunities for IT students

In the run-up to the inOut 2019 event, the Métromix creative marathon took place at the Rennes Maison des Associations between 18 and 20 March. The marathon gave participants, which included groups from the Ecole d'Informatique Epitech Rennes, the opportunity to present the results of their work at inOut. Here we feedback on this.

Student Project Acceleration

Participants at Métromix were from a wide range of backgrounds (including users, designers, developers, and consultants), and their objective was to invent a new mobility service and prototype it in three days. Services included proposals developed by teams put together for the occasion, along with the maturing of ideas submitted by students from Epitech Rennes school of computer science, which encourages its students to actively participate in this type of event to grow projects that are part of their course. The TOD project, which was started in November 2018 and will last for two academic years, is an example. “Before Métromix, we hadn’t made much progress and the event allowed us to get the machine going,” stated Kevin Laspougeas, a member of the group. The team was able to benefit from the support provided by those professionals taking part, and included in its ranks one of the participants; the designer Alexandre De Sousa. The problem it wanted to tackle was that of optimising delivery routes by offering an SaaS solution; that is to say a subscription-based web platform (site + application). The project is initially aimed at the small logistics company market, with the promise of fewer trips for delivery trucks, which would equate to higher profit and a better impact on the environment.

The TOD project logo


Taking Part in inOut for Professionals

Following the creative marathon, the TOD team had the opportunity to present their work during inOut 2019. The solution was presented during the [IN] part of the event at the Couvent des Jacobins conference centre. Kévin Laspougeas, Alexandre De Sousa and their colleagues pitched on stage and ran a stand alongside other companies present. This gave them the chance to discuss how their ideas were progressing with sector specialists; as Kevin Laspougeas told us: “We are all developers; no one in the group knew anything about logistics. Métromix meant that we were able to exchange ideas with professionals from the mobility sector, and at inOut, we were able to go even further.” For example, the team met staff from La Poste who, while remaining ‘well-meaning’, pointed out the various limitations of the project as it stood.

The team of IT students from Epitech Rennes behind the TOD project, present at [OUT] – inOut 2019


After inOut

All this constructive feedback will enable the Epitech Rennes students to rework their proposal during the second year to be spent on the project. For Kévin, this experience also resulted in an internship this summer with Urby, a consortium led by the La Poste group on new urban logistics solutions. “I now understand all aspects of a sector that was unknown to me, and which is undergoing significant changes. I intend to use this understanding of the issues at stake for delivery companies in the next part of the TOD project,” he concluded.


Photo credits : Christophe Peus, Epitech Rennes

Publié le 23 September 2019

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